GuavaTech, Inc. Announces NASDAQ OMX NLX Hosting and Connectivity

GuavaTech Inc.’s Industry-Proven Global HFT Network Offers Low Latency Connectivity to More than 100 ECNs, Banks, Liquidity Pools, and International Exchanges
April 14, 2014
Press Release

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--GuavaTech, Inc., a leading managed service provider specializing in customized IT solutions for proprietary trading firms, investment banks, hedge funds, broker/dealers, and FCMs, today announced that it will begin offering proximity hosting and ultra-low latency connectivity solutions for NASDAQ OMX NLX (“NLX”) at the LD4 data center located in London, UK. NLX is the London-based exchange for trading and clearing the short- and long-end European interest rate curve - Euribor®, Sterling, Bund, Bobl, Schatz and Long Gilt - on a single market.

“As NLX continues to grow and establish consistent market share we are seeing increased demand to have access to our market,” said Carl Slesser, CTO, NASDAQ OMX NLX. GuavaTech clients can now benefit from accessing our order book that matches or beats incumbents best bid and offer up to 80% of the time, significantly lower execution and clearing fees, and the ability to realize average initial margin savings in the region of 50%.

“Adding NASDAQ OMX NLX hosting and connectivity options out of the highly desirable LD4 colocation was a natural step for GuavaTech to continue delivering on our promise to provide the cutting edge connectivity options that our clientele demand,” said Michael Pappas, SVP of Business Development at GuavaTech. GuavaTech continues to expand its global footprint as a leading network and hosting provider in the financial industry and helps meet the ever changing needs of global capital markets participants. Along with NLX access via LD4, GuavaTech offers direct connectivity to all major US, Canadian, European and Asian equity, options, foreign exchange and futures markets, as well as various OTC marketplaces.

About GuavaTech, Inc.

GuavaTech, Inc. is a managed service provider focused on customized IT solutions for proprietary trading firms, investment banks, hedge funds, broker/dealers and FCMs. For over a decade, GuavaTech has provided a highly secure and resilient, ultra-low latency trading infrastructure that encompasses networks, colocation hosting services, exchange/ECN/liquidity pool access, ISV facilitation as well as management, support and monitoring throughout North America, the UK, Europe and Asia.

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