About GuavaTech

GuavaTech, Inc. is a Global Managed Service Provider focused on customized IT solutions for proprietary trading firms, investment banks, hedge funds, broker/dealers, and FCM’s. GuavaTech provides a sophisticated, highly secure, resilient, and ultra-low latency trading infrastructure that encompasses networks, collocation hosting services, exchange / ECN / liquidity pool access, ISV facilitation as well as management, support, and monitoring throughout the US, Canada, Europe and Asia.

Many firms select GuavaTech for our ultra-low latency capabilities. Some select GuavaTech for our demonstrated ability to rapidly implement and support all of their trading technology needs. Others leverage GuavaTech to supplement their existing environment for “time-to-market” sensitive projects, high profile initiatives, and to leverage expertise that is not possessed in-house.

GuavaTech’s ability to seamlessly integrate disparate technologies from exchanges / ECN’s, diversified circuits, various hardware platforms, multiple software applications, and unique client systems into a cost effective, cohesive solution that is rapidly deliverable and supportable is the key to our success, as well as that of our clients’ most critical and demanding projects.